Why does my design (dieline) review look incorrect?

Why does my design (dieline) review look incorrect?

Sometimes the design created in the customizer does not perfectly translate to print ready form. If in the process of reviewing your design, it does not appear as intended, there are a few things you can do to fix this:

To resolve any issues, you need to return to your design in the main customizer. To do this:

  • Cancel out of the review and return to the design.
  • If you have multiple designs, you can select the specific package from your cart view with the edit link, found below each of your uploaded designs.
  • Additionally, it is a good idea to view your design in the 3D customizer while it’s both laid out fully flat and fully assembled. This will give you the clearest idea of how your design will look in the final state.

Here are some issues that may pop up and our top suggestions for correction:

The design is missing an image I uploaded to one of the package faces.

  • There are a few things that could have happened here, but the simplest fix for this is to simply cancel out of the review and return to the design and reapply your desired graphic. In the rare case the issue persists, it is likely an issue with your file type. Remember we do not support ai, psd files or text glyphs, but if it is a svg file, the quickest fix is to convert your svg file to a png and reapply that graphic to your design. This works 90 percent of the time. If the issue is still present reach out to us directly (here)

The text/font on my design(dieline) looks wrong.

If the text that looks incorrect is part of a logo or svg file, this is an issue with the formatting of your file type, and your file is most likely an svg. There are two potential fixes for this:

  • Probably the easiest fix is to resave your svg file as a png and reupload it to your design. In doing this, remember to keep the new png file below 4.5 MB for upload. The resource tiny png (https://tinypng.com) can help with this.
  • The other fix would be to outline the font in your design software of choice. Both of these should resolve the issue. If it persists, please reach out to our team directly (here

The image quality of some of my designs (dieline) looks poor.

  • It is important to know that when dealing with print, images with small resolutions will have difficulties scaling while maintaining their quality. If your graphic looks pixelated it could be that the file you used is too small. If your file is too pixelated and has a resolution below 1000px x 1000px consider creating and uploading a file with a higher count. For additional assistance feel free to reach out to our team directly on the site chat's feature, or (here)

There appear to be some graphics remaining on my design (dieline) that I thought had been removed.

  • This issue is usually a result of one of two things, but both are a matter of overlapped designs. It’s important to know that currently we do not print using white ink. White in the customizer is equal to transparent for print. This means anywhere in your design that white is used, whatever is immediately below it (graphic or package material) will be what shows through. If you are seeing images that were expected to be removed, there could be a chance those graphics were covered with white overlay. To fix this, simply delete the white color layer and whatever might be underneath it. 
  • The other scenario is more straightforward, but the solution is basically the same. Sometimes,  graphics are either mistakenly  duplicated, or stacked on top of each other. To resolve this, return to the design and delete the unwanted image. If the issue is still happening please reach out directly to us (here)
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